We exist for our customers. Our current business success is due to referrals and repeat business from our previous customers. When you choose High Hopes Children's Therapy, you choose a skilled, dependable, professional team that is committed to excellence in all the services we provide. We are always listening to our customers and improving ourselves to serve them better. We are honored to have their patronage and glad to share with you their feedback below.


5 star reviews

"Sara worked with my daughter to finally get her crawling and walking. In just over two months my butt-scooting baby could crawl and walk! She was so stubborn for me, but loved working with Miss Sara!"

Heather Bain, March 10 2021

"I am so thankful for Sarah at High Hope’s Children’s Therapy for helping my 13 month old daughter be able to eat table food . We started seeing her two months ago and she wasn’t even able to eat a cracker without gagging . Sarah showed me so many ways I could help her desensitize her gag reflex & get off of purée baby food . Sarah we will be forever thankful for all the help you have given Emily . She enjoys eating now and I’m not stressed daily trying to figure out what she won’t choke on . I couldn’t recommend this office enough"

Ashley Hathcock, Aug 18 2020

“My son graduated from occupational therapy today. He went from a couch potato, who had food issues, to a full-fledged athlete and being open to trying new foods in a year. I’m so thankful for Sara Weirich, his therapist, who invests in the lives of children who need a little extra help to reach their full potential. If you need an OT I highly recommend High Hopes Children's Therapy.”

Erin Aliffi McKennah Ritter, Jun 27 2018


“All of the therapist at High Hopes Children’s Therapy are amazing! They’re great with kids and are dedicated to helping kids reach their full potential. I would recommend this clinic to anyone in need of an occupational therapist.”

Madison Giddens, Jun 25 2018


“Love working with Sara @ High Hopes therapy! I am confident in her abilities when I, as an SLP, can refer clients to her for their occupational therapy needs. I know the kids are well taken care of and will reach their potential given her expertise in the field.”

Robyn Drothler, May 14 2018


“Sara has worked with my daughter for 3 years. She has so much energy and optisum. She has a great heart and gives her very best. Sara's passion to serve is what sets her apart. Her knowledge has grown over the years.”

Suruchi Singh, Dec 19 2017


“Caring, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Sarah is amazing and great with kids, we love her! They really care!”

Baljinder Singh Mathaun, Jun 22 2018


“My daughter loves coming here, and she has severe social anxiety disorder along with high functioning autism. She adores her therapist, Brooke, and Brooke is so amazing with her! It was a blessing to find this place, because my daughter is 16, and most places that saw kids only saw little kids. My daughter loves the gym. At least there is one place that she doesn't complain about going to!”

Mina Marie, June 15, 2019


“We are beyond thrilled with the progress that Nathan has made in only three short months. He has made great strides with his handwriting and attitude towards trying new things. We are very thankful for Miss Danielle and Miss Sara. It means the world to us that you care so deeply for Nathan and his future success!”

Cheryl Collins, October 24, 2018


“Thank you High Hopes Children's Therapy for donating to my fundraiser to help prevent Childhood Cancer. Even outside their day to day business of doing wonderful things, they are committed to helping children any way they can. I recommend them 110%.”

Michael Snajkowski August 22, 2018


“High Hopes Therapy, in particular Miss Sydney, has helped my daughter so very much. She’s not only learned valuable life skills, but also Lucy has blossomed with confidence. She’s gone from being shy and withdrawn to an interactive, affectionate, and happy child.

Lucy’s communication skills have grown in leaps and bounds. When she gets upset or frustrated, she now uses words to express her feelings rather than having a meltdown.

My daughter’s motor skills have greatly improved to the point where her teachers have said, “I have never seen anything like it!”

But perhaps what my ex-husband and I love most about High Hopes is Sara and Sydney’s contagious enthusiasm for their work and for our child. Lucy is not just a number to High Hopes, and Sydney and Sara feel like family.

Sara’s occupational therapy is second to none. She is responsive, flexible and works within our blended family structure with ease.

We strongly recommend Sara and Sydney to anyone in need of this type of therapy. Feel free to PM me should you want additional information.”

Lee King Campbell June 29, 2018


“she is absolutely amazing. after going through so many therapists. my son loves her and has never cried with her.”

Marlana Gowder Jones August 22, 2017


“They are amazing OT my baby has changed a lot since he is been receiving therapy here and specially they love what they do.”

Karen Peralta July 6th, 2019


“My son does Occupational therapy there. Also speech therapy for autism kids done here”

Leslie Victoria March 21, 2019


“The therapist at High Hopes are so great and dedicated to helping children reach their full potential!”

Emily Caroline Dabbs June 28th, 2018


“Sara has an incredible work ethic and truly loves her work with children. She earned her masters degree by working as a nanny for several families. Her upbeat personality and energy level are amazing. She is very focused and dedicated and children love her.”

Judy Daigle August 20, 2017


“Sarah is fantastic. She immediately identified areas where my daughter needs help that have gone unnoticed and unaddressed for years. My daughter loves her!”

Jeannie Johnson August 19 2017


“Sara is the best OT my son with Autism has ever had, what I truly find amazing is that she gives me a work at home list and feedback for every session in writing and I love that!”

Alvaro Escobar July 15, 2018


“ Sarah and Veronica are absolutely amazing! They are very knowledgeable, but most of all passionate about the work they perform. Sarah and Veronica have helped my son make tremendous strides as evidence by his amazing success in school. Thank you, Sarah and Veronica, for being the best OT's in GA! Thank you Sarah for stepping out on Faith and betting on yourself. You have developed an amazing business/ program. May God Bless you on all present and future endeavors.”

Ayana Rae June 11, 2018


I love High Hopes Therapy. We were on a waiting list for OT until we met Sara and her amazing team of therapists. She was willing to work with our schedule and found a day and time that worked best for our son. Our Son loves going to OT and we can truly see a difference in his fine motor skills . High Hopes is a wonderful place with amazing staff. I highly recommend it for all your child’s therapy needs.

Bethany Van Wiinkle July 25, 2019